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Race To Cub Scouting


The theme of the Mason-Dixon Council Cub Scouting membership growth program for is "Race to Cub Scouting: Fun at Every Turn!" The overriding premise of this membership program is the strategy of target marketing; that is to say, reaching out to each potential Cub Scouting age boy and his family with a personal invitation to join a Pack within our council, where they will learn good values and have fun with friends. Emphasis is placed on year-round growth development with early leadership selection, training, den organization, and volunteer leader involvement at every level.

The goal of this recruiting program is to provide eack Pack a coordinated, year-round approach to membership growth development: a comprehensive resource manual with a variety of target marketing resources that will address multiple adult and youth markets within the community.

Membership growth and development is more than just the strategies used to recruit and retain members. Membership development is successful only if and when Cub Scouting contributes to the boy's and his family's growth, development, and satisfaction. Any quality membership growth plan must include a coordinated set of actions designed to help members achieve their goals. These actions are:

  • Prospecting: Cultivating prospective new members and leaders
  • Marketing: Marketing our mission, values, and fun for boys and families
  • Securing: Securing and retaining members
  • Welcoming: Giving a positive welcome and proper family orientation
  • Involving: Involving new members to ensure member satisfaction


What Will The Mason-Dixon Council Provide for Your Recruitment?

The Mason-Dixon Council will provide the following to assist your Pack with your Cub Scout Recruiting efforts:

  • A flier containing a predetermined Cub Scouting full color graphic and an area to be customized with your Pack's specific recruitment information (please provide any specific details at least 1 week prior to your recruitment)
  • Scheduling of your in-school recruitment (if needed)
  • Official Race to Cub Scouting Stickers to give to each boy during your in-school recruitment
  • Pick-up of completed new Cub Scout applications (saves you a trip to the office)


Other Recruitment Resources

Below are various other recruitment resources that you can use to enhance your Pack's Race to Cub Scouting recruitment:

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