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Tuscarora District Pinnewood Derby

Tuscarora District Pinnewood Derby
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            It’s once again time for the District Pinewood Derby.  We will be holding the pinewood derby at on Saturday March 11th.  Registration will start at 10:00 AM and will close at 11:00 AM. The racing will begin at approximately 11:15.  Please use this contact sheet or email the information by following the instructions.  We need the names by Monday March 7th so we can enter the information into the computer and prepare for the race.  Please double check the spelling of the racers names before you send them in.  This helps eliminate confusion and disappointed racers.

            Concessions will be available.  Proceeds from the concessions help offset the cost of running the race.

            Please review all the rules with your Racers.  Some packs do not enforce the rules and then the cars do not pass inspection at the District race.  The rules are available online and were emailed to all primary leaders.  These rules are simple and to the point, any deviation could result in not being eligible for the trophies. 

If you have any questions please let us know and good luck!

Joe Burns
District Pinewood Derby Chairman


Tuscarora District Pinewood Derby

  1. All wheels and axels must be BSA issued.*
  2. All adults should know and understand the rules and keep racer informed. *
  3. Pack registration sheets must be turned into the Scout Service Center by Monday March 7 by 4:30 pm
  4. No Cars will be accepted to race after the close of inspection at11am
  5. Each Pack must provide 1 adult to help with Clean up following the completion of the race.
  6. $1 race fee will be collected at the race.

*Full Derby Rules are attached to this communitcation.

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