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What is Cub Scouting?

Cub Scouting

Since its beginning, the Cub Scout program has been a fun and educational experience concerned with values. Besides providing a positive place where boys can enjoy safe, wholesome activities, Cub Scouting focuses on building character, improving physical fitness, teaching practical skills, and developing a spirit of community service.

If you are a boy in first grade through fifth grade, or you are 7 to 10 years old, then Cub Scouting is for you! It’s for your family, too. Family involvement is essential to Cub Scouting’s success.

Some of the best things about Cub Scouting are the activities you get to do:

  • Hiking
  • Racing model cars
  • Field trips
  • Den and pack meetings

Visit BeAScout.org to find a Pack near you!

Cub Scouts Belong to a Pack and Den

Every Cub Scout is a member of a Cub Scout pack. A pack is a large group of boys.

The pack is divided into smaller groups called dens. Each den has about 6 to 8 boys. All of the Cub Scouts in a den are about the same age and live in the same neighborhood.

In Cub Scouting you’ll have lots of fun, adventure, and activities with your den and pack.

Ranks of Cub Scouting

There are 4 different ranks of Cub Scouting:

  • Tiger Cubs First grade boys join a Tiger den, where each boy works with an adult partner on the requirements to earn his Tiger Cub badge.
  • Wolf Cub Scouts Second grade boys graduate into a Wolf den.
  • Bear Cub Scouts Boys in the third grade are members of a Bear den.
  • Webelos Scouts Boys in the fourth and fifth grades become Webelos Scouts.

Cub Scout Motto

Do Your Best

Cub Scout Promise

I, (name) promise to do my best

To do my duty to God and my country,

To help other people, and

To obey the Law of the Pack.


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