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Eagle Scout Information


The Eagle Scout Award is the higest award in Scouting.  Below is detailed information to assist you in the journey of becoming an Eagle Scout. 

Eagle Scout Project Workbook

Eagle Scout Rank Application

Lowes Card Info



Earn 21 Merit Badges, including 12 required

Serve six months in a unit leadership position after receiving the rank of Life

Complete an approved Eagle Project

Complete the Eagle application

Provide names and addresses of six individuals who would be willing to recommend you

Complete Eagle application requirement 6 concerning lifetime goals and ambitions


Required Merit Badges


First Aid

Citizenship in Community

Citizenship in Nation

Citizenship in World


Environmental Science



Lifesaving OR Emergency Preparedness

Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling

** Family Life

** Personal Fitness

** Personal Management


 ** These merit badges take at least 3 months to complete


The Eagle Project

The Eagle Project Application Must:

Show leadership

Include planning details

Detail how the project was developed

Describe how the project provides service


The Project Proposal Must Include:

WHO: Who does the project benefit? Who will assist you?

WHAT:  Describe project in detail.

WHERE:  Where is the exact location of the project?

HOW:  Describe equipment, tools, and supplies  needed, safety concerns and precautions,  and the approximate cost.

WHEN:  Give approximate dates and times and the number of hours needed to complete.


Planning Details Should Include:

A description of the present conditions

A description of what you plan to do and  when

Step-by-step instructions

Projected helpers

Materials, supplies, and tools needed

Estimated costs and source of funds

Adult supervision (two-deep leadership)

Transportation arrangements, if necessary

Safety precautions, safety training and safety equipment to be used

Plans for any meals or refreshments

The need for photos or other documentation of progress

Project goal for hours (personal/others)

How the Eagle candidate will demonstrate and document leadership


The Following Signatures Are Required Before You May Begin Your Eagle Project:

  • The head of the agency you plan to assist

  • Your Scoutmaster

  • The Unit Committee or Advancement Chair

  • The District Advancement Chair

You may not begin your project until you have ALL of these approvals in writing.


The Final Report of Your Project Must Include: 

  • The number of hours actually worked, include your time for planning and leadership

  • The names of the people involved

  • Any problems or changes to your original plan, and why

  • Supporting documents, pictures, maps, fliers, etc.

  • The signatures of your Scoutmaster, the head of the agency you helped, and the applicant

  • A letter or written statement from the agency


What Not to Do . . . . 

Do not decide on an Eagle project and begin it without approvals

Do not do the Eagle project alone. It’s up to the Scout to lead the project and delegate tasks, not work alone.


Eagle Application Packet

Your Eagle Application Packet Must Include:

The competed and signed Eagle Scout application

Your statement of life goals (Eagle Scout Requirement #6)

The final report of your Eagle service project

Letters of recommendation (The Council requests these letters from the list that the Scout provides on his Eagle application. The Scout should request permission to use each individual as a reference . . . A Scout is Courteous.)


Other Notes

All Eagle requirements must be completed before the Scout’s 18th birthday.

Eagle Board of Review may take place up to three months after the Scout’s 18th birthday. Extensions may be approved, but only for extenuating circumstances



Roles of the Troop

The Scoutmaster’s Responsibility in this Process Includes: 

Ensure that the project proposal meets the requirements previously set forth in this presentation

Ensure that the Scout has completed all requirements

Certify the Scout’s leadership position(s) and dates

Complete the Scoutmaster conference and Scout Spirit requirement

Ensure that the Eagle application packet is complete before forwarding it to the Council


The Committee Chair’s Responsibility in this Process Includes: 

Review the Eagle application for completeness

Review the project proposal and the final project report. Check for evidence of leadership, attention to details, signatures, required reports, pictures, letters, etc.

Review all advancement dates

Review advancement tenure times

Review any miscellaneous paperwork


 What Can Parents and Scouts Do to Expedite this Process? 

Be aware of time constraints

Discuss requirements, set goals, agree to a schedule to accomplish goals and stick to it

Discuss Troop leadership and Scout spirit with your Scoutmaster

Determine the best time to earn certain Merit Badges

Provide encouragement



The District Eagle Board of Review 

You must be in full Class A uniform and on time.

The Board will consist of no less than three and no more than six members.

There will also be a representative from the District Advancement Committee.

The questions will be challenging, designed to make you think.

The Board’s purpose is to review the Eagle application for completeness and ensure that the Scout subscribes to the ideals of Scouting.

The Board’s decision MUST be unanimous.


In the Unlikely Event that the Eagle Board of Review Renders an Unfavorable Decision . . . . 

Appeals may be made in writing by the Eagle Candidate.

The first appeal would be directed to the District Advancement Chairperson.

If the Scout is not satisfied with the decision on first appeal, the second appeal would be directed to the Council Advancement Chairperson.

If the Scout is still not satisfied on second appeal, the third appeal is to the BSA National Council, whose decision is final.


Additional Opportunities for New  Eagle Scouts  

Eagle scholarships are available for college

The Mason-Dixon Council sponsors an annual Eagle Scout recognition dinner

The local chapter of of the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) conducts monthly breakfasts.  Contact the Scout Service Center for more information.


National Dignitary List


This list contains some of the many names and addresses of prominent U.S. leaders or groups who will usually send letters or certificates of congratulations to new Eagle Scouts. Be sure to send a request to your State Representative or Assemblyman, U.S. Congressman, U.S. Senators, Mayor, City Council, County leaders, etc. as many of these will send nice letters.

Rear Adm. Joseph T. Stewart, Superintendent
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
300 Steamboat Road
Kings Point, NY 11024-1699

National Rifle Association
Safety and Education Division
11250 Maples Mill Road
Fairfax VA 22030


Mr. Pat Boone
904 N. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills CA 90210

Astronaut Charles E. Brady
NASA Johnson Space Center
Houston Texas 77058


Secretary of Veterans Affairs
810 Vermont Ave. NW
Washington DC 20420

President George Bush
10000 Memorial Drive
Suite 900
Houston TX 77024


President Jimmy Carter
Carter Presidential Center
One Copenhill Ave. N.E.
Atlanta GA 30307

International Headquarters
Sons of Confederate Veterans
P.O. Box 59
Columbia TN 38402-0059


U.S. Coast Guard
United States Maritime
Defense Zone Atlantic
Portsmouth, VA 23704-5004

Veterans of Foreign Wars
406 W. 34th St.
Kansas City MO 64111


USAF Thunderbirds
P. O. Box 9733
Nellis AFB, NV 89191

National Commander
American Legion
P. O. Box 1055
Indianapolis IN 46206


Youth Programs Department
International Assoc. of Lions Clubs
300 22nd Street
Oak Brook IL 60521-8842

Executive Director
National Sheriffs' Association
1450 Duke St
Alexandria VA 22314-3490


CEO, Walt Disney Co.
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank CA 91521

Secretary of Agriculture
14th St. & Independence Ave. NW
Washington DC 20250


Astronaut L. Blaine Hammond
NASA Johnson Space Center
Houston Texas 77058

Secretary of Labor
200 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20210


Secretary of the Navy
1000 Navy Pentagon
Washington DC 20350-1000

NESA, Boy Scouts of America
P. O. Box 152079
Irving TX 75015-2079


Boy Scout Program Manager
National Park Service
P. O. Box 37127
Washington DC 20013-7127




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