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Camp Sinoquipe is a beautiful 500 acre rustic Boy Scout camping facility with a 10 acre lake located in a rural area two miles from the village of Fort Littleton, Pennsylvania, in Fulton County.  We are 120 miles from Baltimore, 115 miles from DC, and 65 miles from Harrisburg


During the summer months, Five weeks, Camp Sinoquipe hosts Boy Scout Troops for from the Mason-Dixon Council and several surrounding Boy Scout Councils from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Further.

Camp Sinoquipe has 12 campsites, each with running water, washstand and a latrine. Campsites vary in size to accommodate 16 to 60 campers. Each campsite’s tents are set up on a platform.  The tent is big enough to hold two campers and has a bunk and mattress for each camper.

The total number of Scouts attending camp each week has been limited to 200 so that each Scout can benefit more from the smaller class size. It would be wise to register soon as slots fill quickly.


Camp Sinoquipe is supported by Guneukitschik Lodge #317, Order of the Arrow. The Lodge has work weekends yearly and does much of the preparation necessary to prepare camp for each season.

Camp Sinoquipe is owned and operated by the Mason-Dixon Boy Scout Council located in Hagerstown, MD.

Camp Sinoquipe Short-Term Camping

Cabin and open campsite rentals are available at Camp Sinoquipe on a weekend basis year-round except during Summer Camp season. Rental period for the weekend is from Friday to Sunday, with departure being before 4:00 p.m.  There are four cabins at Sinoquipe with different sleeping capacities:

Camp Sinoquipe Reservation Form  

          Altenderfer - 20

Wells Valley - 30
Wherrett - 30
Kerstein Lodge - 20


All cabins are equipped with electricity, cots, mattresses, stove, outside latrine and tables and benches. Please note that 2 leaders are required at all times for short-term camping.  Additional facilities such as waterfront, canoes, dining hall, etc. are also available; however, additional fees and guidelines may apply. A Short-term Camping Application and appropriate fees need to be received at the Scout Service Center in order to secure a reservation.  Please contact the Scout Service Center for additional information.


Canoe Rental Application

In Council Campership Form


  Week 1   Week 2   Week 3   Week 4   Week 5  
  June 22-28   June 29-July 5   July 6-12   July 13-19   July 20-26  
  Troop 10   Troop 624 OC   Troop 414 OC   Troop 15   Troop 19  
  Troop 95   Troop 1304 OC   Troop 58   Troop 982 OC   Troop 18  
  Troop 20   Troop 99   Troop 2   Troop 667 OC   Troop 445 OC  
  Troop 4   Troop 5   Troop 252   Troop 51   Troop 43  
  Troop 220 OC   Troop 88   Troop 81 OC   Troop 75   Troop 28  
  Troop 103   Troop 1111 OC   Troop 136   Troop 253 OC   Troop 454 OC  
  Troop 381 OC   Troop 15 OC   Troop 149 OC   Troop 393 OC   Troop 64  
  Troop 62   Troop 277 OC   Troop 17   Troop 83 OC   Troop 92 OC  
  Troop 97   Troop 417 OC   Troop 70 OC   Troop 137 OC   Troop 279 OC  
  Troop 1800 OC   Troop 349 OC   Troop 75 OC   troop 224 OC   Troop 4494 OC  
  Troop 26   Troop 117   Troop 32   Troop 111 OC   Troop 300 OC  
  Troop 23   Troop 1191 OC   Troop 869 OC   Troop 120 OC   Troop 66  
  Troop 483 OC   Troop 86   Troop 1203 OC       Troop 25 OC  
  Troop 108   Troop 8   Troop 827 OC       Provisional  
  Troop 14   Troop 476 OC   Troop 300       Troop 413  
  Troop 51 OC   Troop 1066 OC           Troop 65  
                  Troop 318 OC  
                          Troop 1321 OC  
                          Troop 73 OC  
                        Troop 1220 OC  
                  Troop 288 OC  



NEW THIS YEAR!  Spend an entire week at an out post location living off the land like the early
Frontiersman did! You’ll learn survival skills along with the skills used by the tradesmen and trappers in the mid 1800’s. 

ing the principals of team work, the pioneer living program will teach Scouts new skills, develop leadership skills and a sense of self-reliance and discipline in the developing Scout.  Each Scout in this program will rely on their Scouting  skills to succeed in this adventure.  With a motivated staff and unique events the Scout will appreciate the program to be different from anything they have participated in before.

This adventure runs the full week of summer camp and you will be at an outpost location at Camp Sinoquipe. You will return to camp on Friday afternoon. Participants in the Mountain Man program are not able to participate in traditional summer camp programs

During your week of adventure:

Sleep in period area primitive shelters      Make your own clothing      Learn wilderness survival

Dutch oven cooking   Prepare your meals over a campfire   Learn how to preserve foods    Make a knife

Use blacksmith tools   Learn fire by friction skills      Tomahawk throws    Black powder shooting

Wildlife tracking   Learn about animal trapping   Identify edible plants............and more!


Mountain Man Program Flyer


Registration Form for Mountain Man program to be submitted with Troop reservation.






Camp Sinoquipe Summer Camp

First Year Camper Program (Lakusin)

Sinoquipe also prides itself in having an OUTSTANDING first year camper program.  This program is designed to give each scout the foundation needed to be successful as they continue on their trail to Eagle.

Merit Badge Programs

Sinoquipe has a beautiful lake offering swimming, canoeing, and BSA kayaking.

Camp also provides courses in first aid, emergency preparedness, pioneering, cooking, scoutcraft, handicraft, public speaking, plumbing, archery, rifle & shotgun shooting and ecology  (and numerous others!) All areas teach merit badges during the day.

Advanced Activities

Camp Sinoquipe offers more than JUST merit badges! Scouts who come here are always doing something that challenges them mentally and physically.

Sinoquipe offers both a high and low COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) course, as well as a climbing and rappelling tower.

Qualified Scouts can train for Lifeguard, BSA or attain the BSA Mile Swim.

We now have a 3D archery range.  The new feature will challenge you and has many different target shapes displayed in their natural environment.

Other Activities

Camp wide competitions like the Aquabash, Volleyball, and many others are also offered. Camp has a well stocked Trading Post for all those "camp essentials".

Every Friday night, the parents are invited to come to camp and watch the show. A grand performance by The Potamac Dancers, Venturing Crew 2, Hagerstown, MD is the main part of the show. They give a great display of Native American Dancing in beautiful authentic attire made by the dancers themselves. Order of the Arrow (OA) call outs are also conducted at this campfire program.

Specialty Week (Week 6)
The last week of camp offers NYLT for those Scouts aspiring to be Great leaders in their Troop and want to participate in an excellent leadership development course.   

Cub Scout Camping (Week6)
Camp Sinoquipe has an engaging Resident Cub Scout Camping program.  For more information, click here.

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Directions to Camp Sinoquipe

2014 Out of Council camp Reservation Form

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 2014 Camp Staff Application

2014 Summer camp Overview
NEW: Mountain Man Adventure

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